Modul Akademik: Ikhtiar Hidup

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Today's teachers like academic module. survival favorite teacher this time. Let's teacher gave a short presentation related modules so today.

Target: Students 6 Arif

1-educate students to be able to think rationally (in the afflicted problem / no)
2-Students are able to continue working without despair

The steps:
1 pupil-teacher distributed into 5 groups. (There are various forms of distribution. Hit creative and comfortable so that students do not choose friends)
2-Students sit and listen to a brief description of the teacher.
 -Ms provide an overview of the story. Examples of teacher pay this way:
 -A ship carrying a family on holiday has crashed on an island. the ship was very severe. Finished eating and clothes all broken and burned. But family members survived and were stranded on the coast. How do they want to seek help and continue living a lonely island is?
3-Teacher explaining that they do and the response from students is also required.
4-And then teachers continue planned activities.
5-Students need to make the longest line using something that is in their own. (Teachers do not give examples)
6-Allow for 30 minutes
7-When you are finished, dna teachers whose students see the long lines and whether the materials used come from outside or yourself.
8, while teacher asked each group estimated price of the goods they use to create the line.

Conclusion: The results of today's activity, the students were able to use the whole stuff / things / tools they have (own) such as watches, belts, shoes, socks, belt tai, money, shoelaces and so on to make them the longest line . As long as there is at their disposal to use. This shows that students do not berptutus up to obtain something they want.

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