Ceramah Motivasi Ibu Bapa Murid Linus

Bismillahirrahmannirrahim .. When the sweet write (^ _ ^)

Asalamualaikum to all readers teacher. What Khabar yes? healthy-healthy hope all is ok.
This time Linus coordinator for the school is a joint program of the children's parents Linus. teacher as Linus Committee would be involved. Teacher task this time is to give motivational talks to the children's parents this Linus.

I think this second year teacher gave a motivational talk to the parents of pupils Linus. What I'm going to help afford assisted. We come here to help these children. Teachers to take early hours of this talk is probably slot 1. Because after the teacher talks to be managed psychometric tests were also carried out on the same day.

Some of the teachers emphasize to parents is:
1-level development of each child are not the same
2-The role of mother father home for children's learning
3-Errors by parents of children

Then after the expiration of slot teachers, in turn slot from PPD fasilnus to teach how parents can teach appropriate learning tools and teachers with children dirumah.Tak wrong name MARI this technique, EJA, QUOTATION AND READ.

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